Research & Publications

Ammar Khammash is well established in Jordan and internationally for his knowledge in Jordan's cultural and natural heritage. He is an expert in local building techniques and traditions; has extensive knowledge in the geology of Jordan and its natural features; and is one of the few architects who are interested in medicinal plants and using them as a viable tool in the socio-economic development. This section includes research and publications by Khammash on numerous topics including design, architecture, environment, paleontology and geology from 1986 till present.

Petra: From the Back Door

On the way from Wadi Musa to Baydha, from a point just north of the crusader castle Wu’eira, is the beginning of a journey that will reveal parts of Petra unknown to many. This trek takes you through flavors of Petra away from the beaten tracks and modern interventions –it is from times of Burckhardt in the early 19th century.

A Village above the Wheat Lands

Maain as a name has been snatched, with all unfairness, by the hot springs which are some 22 km away from this small lofty village. Occupying a hilltop, Maain Village overlooks the plain of Madaba and has a commanding 360 degree vista. It crowns an elevated breezy summit surrounded by a landscape of deep-red soil ...more

Walking on a Vertical Landscape

It is important to experience Wadi Rum one aspect at a time in order to fully discover and enjoy this wide and unique landscape. This is a destination of varied attractions (general tourist attractions, mountain climbing, birds and wild plants, star watching, archeology, Bedouin culture… etc.) Rum can demand from certain types of visitors a lasting relationship culminating to a degree of devotion ...more

The Castle by the Lake

The castle is situated at the mouth of a wide shallow valley, which makes it difficult to spot from a distance. As you get close, the distinguished feature of the structure (part of the upper wall that still stands almost to its original height) appears like a wide chimney. The best approach to the structure is from the southeast. ...more