“Ammar Khammash is considered one of the more prominent artists to come out of the Middle East in the 21st century. People find ways of talking about Khammash's paintings. They call them disturbing, unsettling, dramatic, romantic. All these responses are right, to some degree, but that's a mark of how large Khammash's paintings are in size and scope. The pictures are mostly landscapes, cityscapes, desert, forest, mountains, and rocks, interior spaces with an odd building or a figure.” “His paintings are not just old-fashioned depictions of place. He has walked alone through these places and has experienced them not just as a physical surface but also as an accreditation of disciplines and multiple expressions. The work transmits the richness of the place. He encompasses both the geology and biology, which comes not from canvas and paints, but from the experience of life in a particular terrain.”   -Trish Edelstein in Ancient Landscape: The landscape Paintings of Ammar Khammash.