Project Brief

Located at the southern entrance to Madaba, the Byzantine Church which ceased to exist at one point in history was re-built from an open field with some mosaics and stones.

The floor plan was deducible from the excavated mosaic floors and excavated foundations of the original church, which held the traces of what once was there. Huge arches were envisioned to span for 16 meters across the church, starting from the outside walls and flying above the church structure. Those arches were the biggest ever built in Jordan up until the construction of The Eco-Tourism and Rangers Academy in Ajloun –designed by Khammash Architects in 2008-2009.

The whole inner structure was created from extra stone cuttings taken from stone cutting workshops in the area. The outer stones, which were originally part of the archeological ruins, were restored from old Madaba city houses, refined and used in building the church.