Project Brief

The Church is part of the Archeological Park in Madaba City, located at the Roman colonnaded street in the center of the city. The church has a circular plan and a mosaic floor dated to the year AD 767. The project involved sheltering the church ruins and mosaic floor without interrupting the sixth century Byzantine archeology.

The new foundations were a particular challenge because of the expensive price of penetrating the stratigraphy of the archeological site, yet the church grounds held many septic tanks done by residents of Madaba in the 1920s-40s, so the new foundations were created in place of the old septic tanks. The sewage zones were penetrated down to the natural soil and new foundations were added to carry the weight of the large heavy arches of the shelter.

In addition to introducing new foundations, the project has also involved using some of the existing archeological ruins as structural elements in coordination with a team of specialized archeologists.