Project Brief

Set on a cliff in Dana Biosphere Reserve, Dana Guesthouse sits on a very unstable foundation with a very bad soil. Half of the building's structure is thus suspended and cantilevered above the weak soil, and the guesthouse ends up floating over the cliff line. The building’s morphology resembles half a pomegranate whose other half has fallen into the valley.

The elevation of the building that faces the valley has a unique random nature, with a raw finish, untamed to speak the same language of its surrounding. The design process intended to explore how nature and geology create form, and the building was conceived to look like an eroded cliff, as if it underwent the same geological processes of loss and erosion like the cliff it sits on.

The buildings program encompasses the functional requirements of a 9-rooms hotel. However, the clients plan to add an extension of 16 rooms along the cliff in the future.